Coloring Books For Adults

Coloring Books For Adults

Coloring Books For Adults

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Top 10- Colouring books for adults, 2016!

COLOR WITH ME | Tools For Adult Coloring Books | INT'L ARRIVALS

How to use colored pencils on adult coloring books.

Coloring Books for Adults is a de-stress and relaxing app with several coloring books for adutls and kids.

This full feature coloring app for adults contains:
- Several books with coloring pages you can color as many times as you want
- Very easy and intuitive zoom in/out and
- Easy static palette with plenty of colors
- Color picker to retrieve the exact color you want from the painting
- Dynamic advanced palette where you can create millions of colors
- Most recent colors to quick repaint with the last colors you have used
- Undo functionality with no limits on undo.
- Social sharing of your pictures with all the social apps installed on your phone( Instagram, Watsapp, Twitter, email,etc...)
- Take a picture of your painting to continue painting from that point later or just create different versions of your painting.

In order to enjoy it:
○ Select a Mandala template for coloring.
○ Use the color palette to select the color you like.
○ Color the Mandala by tapping on each gap of the drawing.
○ Use the pinch/drag gestures to zoom in/out and pan to get closer to the details.
○ You can save a copy to reload it continue painting